Academic folk-ethnographic Orchestra “Otyrar sazy” named after N.Tlendiev



Academic folk-ethnographic Orchestra “Otyrar sazy” named after N.Tlendiev, was founded in October 2, 1982, This unique ensemble gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich collection of Kazakh national musical instruments – modern and old, who, as a precious legacy of culture, came to us from ancient times. They passed on from generation to generation obscure folk akyns.

In addition to the dombra and kobyz “Otrar sazy” orchestra has another ancient instruments – zhetygen, sherter, shan-kobyz, mes-kobyz, syrnay and saz-syrnay, sybyzgy and percussion instruments – asatayak, dauylpaz, tuyak-tas, konyrau, kairak

This diversity enables the orchestra to display and show to the listener a rich and unique samples of national folklore. That is the goal set before the orchestra his first artistic director and chief conductor, People’s Artist of the USSR, laureate of the State Prize, Halyk Kaharmany, a prominent public figure, composer N. Tlendiyev, who was able to prove that the ancient folk instruments are able to show not only the small forms works, orchestra can play large dramatic pieces.

Today, showing the continuity of generations, the orchestra led by the daughter of N.Tlendiev – Dinara Tlendieva. The orchestra gives concerts around the Kazakhstan and countries of far abroad – in Iraq, Morocco, Vietnam, North Korea, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and many other countries.

“Otrar sazy” Orchestra won the International Prize of Zhambyl Foundation in 1996 . The team not only keeps the best samples of Kazakh folk music, but also constantly improving them with new treatments performed in view of modern means of expression.

  • Т. Каракожаева Заслуженная артистка РК
  • М. Қазтұрғанова Народная артистка РК
  • Е. Әбілдаев Заслуженный артист РК
  • Е. Құсайынов Лауреат международных конкурсов
  • Д. Тілендиева Заслуженная артистка РК
  • Г. Пржанова Заслуженная артистка РК
  • Академический фольклорно-этнографический оркестр им. Н.Тлендиева "Отрар Сазы"