Gabit Nesipbaev


The soloist of the Kazakh State Philharmonic named after Zhambyl. A graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky in the class of Professor L.I.Royzmana organ and piano – Professor G. Mirvis).

  1. Nesipbaevhave intensive concert activity since 1983. He has toured in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Georgia, United States and South Korea. He is the first and only organist in Kazakhstan, began practice philharmonic thematic concert cycles, among which the “baroque”, “Classicism”, “Romantic”, “Organ in the ensemble music” and others.

For the first time in Kazakhstan in 1992-1994 he was performance with a cycle of 15 concert programs, swept all the organs of the legacy of JS Bach. G.Nesipbaev owns a huge performing a repertoire that includes all organ works of JS Bach, works of old masters of Western European composers of the nineteenth century as well as contemporary authors. It also maintains fruitful creative work on the processing of Kazakh and Kyrgyz folk songs. In 1995, he was released a collection of transcriptions of songs Abay for voice and organ. It has a record in the funds of the Kazakh and Russian radio and television.