State Woodwind Quintet



The wind quintet was organized in 1997 by the winner of the international competitions, the senior lecturer of the Kazakh National conservatory of name Kurmangazu, the graduater of the European academy of music of a name V.A. Mozart  clarinetist – Yermanov Zhanat.

Successful concert activity of collective has been highly estimated, and in 2004 the quintet joined the Kazakh State philharmonic of name Zhambul. Actors of a quintet – winners of republican, interzonal and international competitions – a brilliant example of commonwealth of bright individualities and magnificent ensemble.

Zhanat Yermanov – clarinet.

Suluzhan Elubaeva – flute.

Аsyl Zhakypbek – oboe.

Sanzhar Kadyrbekov – horn.

Talgat Sapabekov – bassoon.

The state quintet of wooden wind instruments is the first chamber collective of the Asian continent which has been twice invited to the international competition of name Henri Tomasi in the city of Marseille where they have managed adequately to act and win the honorable diploma among ensembles from Paris, Berlin, Monaco, Budapest, Lyons and other cities. They often leave with tour rounds on cities of France, Austria and Russia, collecting true experts on chamber music. The concert repertoire of a quintet is interesting and various. Musicians enable the listeners to take pleasure in opuses of composers of different epoch and styles, from music of a baroque up to modern compositions.

Participants of a quintet closely cooperate with known artists. They improve, playing with outstanding masters as, Michel Letieg, Francois Lele, David Walter, Oruell Nikole, Frederic Baron, Jean Gien Kejras, Poll Meer, Armand Angster, Yana Thomson, Kolin Karr, Andre Kazalet, Grigory Zhislin, Vasily Lobanov, Kioko Khashimoto, Anna Kasjan.

For interesting and substantial concerts in the homeland, a quintet of wooden wind instruments is named «The Perfect five». With the great pleasure listener perceives the Kazakh folk music in a transcription for a quintet, made by head Zhanat Yermanov. Often at concerts it is possible to hear products of the Kazakhstan composers, such as: Adil Bestubaev, Balnur Kadurbekova, Kuat Shildebaev, Bakhtiar Amanzholov, Yerbolat Andosov, Bakira Bayakhunova and many others.

The birth of such collective is a parameter of cultural and economic growth of independent Kazakhstan. The main destination musicians of a quintet see in the musical report to the listeners, especially young generation, the best samples of classical music, bringing up in them feelings of fine and loftiness.