State Wind Orchestra of Republic of Kazakhstan


Қ. Ахметов Заслуженный деятель РК Художественный руководитель и главный дирижер

Excellent performance of State State Wind Orchestra makes a number of Kazakh composers well known to a global audience.
Because of Orchestra more than 30 scores of Kazakh authors were published in European countries. State Wind Orchestra Released CDs in Vienna, in Taiwan and in our country. Many remarkable foreign conductors and musicians from Russia, Germany, USA, France, England, China, noted the high professionalism of the musicians, pure intonation and virtuosity, perfect c
oordination games of all groups, rich tembre of the sound, big repertoire.
The orchestra has perfomed more than 200 concerts, including such cycles as “Across countries and continents”, “Guest of the season” tickets for young listeners “Music Around Us” concerts of composers of Kazakhstan and many others.
Today, famous musicians known in the music world and talented young people successfully work together in the orchestra. This allows to continuously improve the level of professionalism, win ever higher peaks of mastery. Today, more than half of the orchestra musicians – laureates of national and international competitions.
Artistic director and chief conductor of the orchestra – Kanat Akhmetov, honored worker of Kazahtan, professor, laureate of international competitions, a member of the WASBE (World Association of Brass Bands and Ensembles) the ITA member (International Association trombone), a member of APBDA (Association of leaders of brass bands in Asia and the Pacific ocean). He has performed as a guest conductor and soloist trombone in Russia and other CIS countries, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, the USA, Spain, on the island of Taiwan.
Conductor of the State Wind Orchestra Alexander Belyakov – Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, the head of the military band service, the chief military conductor of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Colonel, laureate of military conductors competition in Moscow, in 1992, a member of APBDA (Association of leaders of brass bands and Asia Pacific), a member of IMMS (international community of military music), regular participates in concerts and festivals with a variety of wind and symphonic Orchestra in our country and abroad.
Conductor of the State Wind Orchestra Timur Dzhartybaev – a graduate of the Moscow Military Conservatory (2002 – 2007), conducter by the Central Military Orchestra of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Constantly working to improve his professional skills and the expansion of the repertoire.